Guarantee of quality and reliability, DRACO Marketing is a business consultant for the study of successful marketing strategies on the partnership projects in racing cars, thanks to the experience and knowledge of the sector and all those who make it part.

Since 2013 Draco Marketing is specialized in marketing and communication management in motorsport. We follow our sponsors by bringing their brand to the most important Motorsport championships, such as Formula 2 and Formula 3, which follow Formula 1 races on circuits around the world.

We offer complete and customized marketing packages according to the sponsor’s needs, as following:

  • Choice of the most professional and well-known teams in the major world motorsport championships

  • Affixing the sponsor’s logo to visible and important parts of the cars and drivers’ suits

  • Affixing of the sponsor’s logo in roll-up and panels also inside the team box or in other promotional materials

  • Web promotions with Draco Marketing’s web site and social networks

  • Hospitality program at tracks for Sponsor’s guests and organization of the entire trip in important international circuits

  • Timely submission of photos of each race

  • Sending information and press releases of the team for each test and race

  • Creation of posters at the end of the season and promotional material for your stores



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Draco Marketing

General Manager – C.E.O
Dr. Nadia Segreti

Phone  +33 607933708


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