Women’s Day 8 March 2022

Today 8 March 2022 should be a party to remember those who died for us for many years for our rights for the equal respect that is due to us for what we are and what we represent in society. we must be worth 100 times more than a man. I have never been a feminist, I am a realist. To do my job that I love and loved in a way of men I changed my way of life, even if it was not difficult for me since I have an iron will and a natural instinct to command but thanks to Adriano Morini my lifelong partner who left me my space and understood what I could be worth in his world I reached my goal. The effort was considerable but we women if we want and we are cohesive we are a force that no one can oppose, we carry life with us.
Today my thoughts go to all the women in the world who still do not have the possibility to emerge to LIVE as it should be for every human being.Today my thoughts go to those who suffer and suffering is not only in the country where a war is being fought but in mothers at home who do not know where their children are, perhaps in the mud, perhaps dead, perhaps they need them
and they call them. To the sisters who are waiting for their brothers and to their wives. But a long list … at the expense of girls without rights to those who still hold women as an object.
I have never written something so personal on our site that talks about sport but in this particular moment of our life everyone has to say: how can I help?
Even so, saying what comes out of my heart saying that I am sad and I have a deep despair but a courage at the bottom of the lion’s heart. How can I help?
I believe, indeed I am convinced that if we had more women in command of nations, perhaps we would find an agreement more easily? I don’t know for sure but I think it could be possible.
To all the women of the world today it is not a party we cannot do it but this day makes us all closer and able to DO!