Race 1 in Singapore: Richelmi 14° to the finish line. Tomorrow the conclusion of the GP2 Series championship

High temperatures, humidity, dirt on the track are just some of the issues for the GP2 drivers in Singapore for the last weekend of the season. And then, the easy abrasion of tires and the little knowledge of the asian track that, like any street circuit, it shows not only the cars, but also the beautiful buildings that surround it.

Stéphane Richelmi has faced today the first race of the weekend starting from the 6th row of the grid at 4.00 pm local time, 10.00 am in Europe. Richelmi, who in the last GP had often adopted a strategy of delayed pit stop, this time he has decided with the team to make the obligatory stop at lap 9, when he was in 9th position. Despite the speed of the mechanics, that however they had to change all four tires being supersoft, the traffic on pit has slowed the driver from Monaco who returned on track in 19th place. During the race, Richelmi has sought recovery lap after lap and he has crossed the finish line in 14th position.

Tomorrow the last race of the season will be held, with start at 4.00 pm, 10.00 am in Europa.